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Flinkit Friends - Story-driven outdoor adventure games for teams, and friends | Product Hunt

You create the content, we provide the platform.

Flinkit™ is a map-based, fully customizable corporate game platform that can be played in most mobile browsers. Perfect for teambuilding, corporate events, and many more!​

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That makes us different and super fun. 🥳

Flinkit™ is a map-based, fully customizable corporate game platform that can be played in most mobile browsers. Perfect for teambuilding, corporate events, and many more!



Flinkit runs in mobile browsers. No need to download mobile apps. Launch with a QR code or with a link in seconds.

AI-map generation

AI-map generation

Flinkit is the only one on the market with an intelligent, AI-based map generation algorithm that is capable to generate maps based on the user's location.

Battle circle

Battle circle

Be part of the live battle-royale gameplay. Try to stay within the circle or you will lose points!

Perks that are so fun!

Perks that are so fun!

Use in-game perks like dropping bombs, freezing other players and so much more.

🥳 Flinkit is available exclusively through our channel partners 🥳

Tons of opportunities

Whether you are a corporate event manager, a museum or a travel provider, Flinkit™ can take your customer experience to a new level.


Corporate events & onboarding & teambuilding⚡

Are you an event organizer? Take your event experience to a whole new level with our AI-powered, super fun, browser-based games.

New & exciting trainings😱
Outdoor & indoor use 📝
Happy partners😊
Cooperation and competition modes 🤝
Real-time, easy-to-use
Bombs, locks, pranks💣
Location independent games 📍

Museums & exhibitions⚡

Are you a museum or exhibition space? Take your customer experience to a whole new level, with a gamified, super fun, real-time browser-based game.

New revenue stream 💰
Gamified guided tours 🎮
Browser-based 📱
Museum Game 🏛️
Exhibiton space game 🏢

Travel providers & tourism

Are you a travel provider or a tourist agency? Flinkit helps you to generate new revenue streams by providing location-independent, super exciting, AI powered guided games to your customers.

New revenue streams 💰
AI-based 🤖
Location independent games 📍
Worlwide 🌎
Exciting city tours 🏙️

Super easy. Super fun. Browser-based.

Our AI-powered, browser-based platform helps you to create super exciting games on your Flinkit Admin panel in minutes which can be played anywhere in the world without further customization, thanks to Flinkit AI.

How it works?

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Support Team

Flinkit™ is a map-based, fully customizable corporate game platform that can be played in most mobile browsers. Perfect for teambuilding, corporate events, and many more!

Flinkit can only be played through our reseller partners. We provide our partners with a unique white-label platform through which they can sell their own Flinkit games.

Unfortunately, no. The game is only available through our resellers. Under Flinkit Reseller Programme we offer a white-label solution with an option for exclusive channel partner status for the desired region.

The power of Flinkit lies in two things. One is that the game is browser-based, so no mobile app download is required. This makes games very quick and easy to launch. The other major advantage is the Flinkit AI. Flinkit AI is an artificial intelligence that helps to set up the maps, thanks to which the game dynamically builds maps based on the location of the user, if it is switched on by the partner.

Please contact us for exact pricing. Basically, our pricing is based on a monthly fee and usage.

Of course. Contact us and we will send you a test login.

No, the game can be played both indoors and outdoors. For outdoor play we rely on the user's location and for indoor play we rely on scanning QR codes.

If you choose us, you get access to a universal, award-winning platform where you only need to create 1-2 games thanks to the Flinkit AI, which you can later use for hundreds of events, as the AI generates a unique course for each event. Another advantage is the browser-based game mode, which allows you to launch super interesting games in no time. These advantages allow you to create more immersive games faster and with fewer resources than competing solutions.

The most important thing is that Flinkit is not a mobile app, as our system runs in the browser, so no app download is required. Our system is typically a gamified tour guide solution, allowing visitors to explore the museum in a playful way, practically a competition.

It takes about 5-30 minutes to create a track, depending on your exact needs. Importantly, it is sufficient to create a track once, from then on the Flinkit AI will adapt it to the user's location. This means that you can play a given track in Frankfurt or New York.

No, you do not need a game master to play the games.

Absolutely. The interface will be delivered to our partners in a branded version. You can even brand the game individually per track.

After starting, a map will appear where you can see the location of your opponents in real time, along with the location of the tasks. From here, your task is to set up the tasks and solve them. Correct answers earn you points, for which you can buy various in-game items. For example, you can buy a freezer to freeze your opponents, but you can also use bombs and other fun tools. You can even set up a battle royale mode during the game, where you have to stay in a constantly shrinking circle to avoid losing points.

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