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Introducing Reminder Tools

We make expos and conferences more profitable 🤑 & fun 😄

Our platform helps you to monetize, and to understand, your events better, with a highly gamified, award-winning, super-easy-to-deploy software service. Make your visitors and partners supper happy! 🙂

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📱 It's not a mobile app. Skip the hassle of app downloads; Flinkit works seamlessly in your web browser for a frictionless experience.

😄 Gamification. Turn your exhibition into an interactive game. This boosts visitor engagement and deepens their interaction with exhibitor booths.

💶 Increase Revenue Add a new revenue stream by charging exhibitors for premium game placements. Flinkit's heatmaps also provide actionable data for optimizing booth locations, increasing overall profitability.

🔌 Already have a mobile app? No problem. We can work as a separate platform or via API, integrated in your app.

What we achieved

Let's boost your revenue. 🤑

Elevate your revenue game by offering Flinkit as an added-value service for exhibitors. Not only do you make your event more interactive, but you also open up a fresh stream of income.

$ revenue
$ revenue

The gamification platform

you've looked for.

We offer you an award-winning, super-easy-to-understand, web-based gamification platform. The plaform can be depl

We believe that designing products and services in close partnership with our clients is the only way to have a real impact

See how it works

Adjust your design through a wide range of theme options in see the changes instantly.

Simple Pricing

Compare the functionality in our different pricing tiers and see what solution fits your needs and requirements.

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Use customer data to build great and solid product experiences that convert.


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Hub is the all-in-one builder with ultra high performance, intuitive editor, exclusive features and award-winning design collection.

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