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We make expos fun & more profitable.

We offer a superior experience tailored to captivate every visitor, exhibitor, and attendee, unlocking new revenue streams and elevating profitability.

Maximize engagement & ROI ⚡

In a world where engagement is key, Flinkit delivers. It's not just a gaming platform; it's a solution crafted to ensure every visitor, every exhibitor, and every attendee walks away with a memorable experience.

New revenue streams

Superb exhibitor experience

Immersive gaming experiences

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Flinkit, having captivated over 50% of attendees at various expos, has undeniably resonated with a vast audience. Its widespread engagement at these events attests to its allure and impactful presence.

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Discover firsthand accounts from event organizers, exhibition curators, and venue managers who've transformed their spaces with Flinkit. Dive into their stories, learn about their experiences, and understand the tangible impact Flinkit has made in boosting engagement and profitability.


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